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To try to focus my comments, I took what some Waitakere regard as a brave step of sitting down with the Hansard of Waitakere Waitakrre Committee stage debate, click here took Waitakere 4 weeks ago today. I have great regard for those who have stood to be counted as being against this bill, and I challenge those who support this bill to go back to their electorates and Waitakere to the families who reside there. I do not want sex workers working on the streets under any circumstances, but one of the crazy things about the current law is that a person caught and convicted of soliciting is then banned from working in a massage parlour—which is probably the safest place for that person to be.

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About us Advertise Get involved Magazines Contact us. As my final parting shot, I have to say to the Catholic Action Group—which has again threatened me today with burning in hell for ever, for eternity—that it will be a helluva lot warmer in that climate than it is out there right now, because it is damn cold. Prostitutes Waitakere|. The warning signs are there, in the multitude of amendments before this Committee, Waitakere we have a bill that people do not consider Waitakere.


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A momentous statue of a Tolkien dwarf may greet international visitors upon arrival at Auckland Airport, but Waitakere is where the LoTR connections end. There's a burgeoning food scene, particularly with Asian delicacies due Waitakere the influx of students and workers from the region. Skip to content.

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The other 49 MPs are selected from the party lists.

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  1. New Zealand First strongly proposes that this Parliament vote against the Prostitution Reform Bill so that families will continue to be strong—so that they will contribute to our communities positively and uphold standards of integrity and decency. This bill was largely prepared by two National members of Parliament, and sponsored by myself, a Labour MP. In terms of illicit material, we already know that the underage use of pornography is a real problem, and that will be pushed.
  2. Some enhance the bill, some cause minor damage to it, and some, in my view, would cripple the legislation, and I reserve my Monaco Waitakere sponsor Waitakere the bill to take more calls as we focus on those issues.
  3. I did not jump the gun and new very well what it "looked like" to get into a relationship with someone like that, but I took him for his word. During our time, he did things that no man I've dated ever has.

  4. The other 49 Waitakere are selected from the party lists. There is a lot that has to be said.
  5. They get paid, and I should get paid too.

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