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Togo is a republic governed by newly elected President Faure Gnassingbe, son of former Gnassingbe Eyadema, who died on February 5, after 38 years in power. Eyadema and his party Rally of the Togolese Persons RPT , strongly backed by the armed forces, dominated politics and maintained firm control over all levels of the country's highly centralized government until his death. Following some constitutional changes in the National Assembly and quick action by the military, Faure Gnassingbe was installed as the new president. Faure eventually bowed to sustained international pressure and stepped down to allow presidential elections.

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Political parties tended link have readily identifiable Atakpame and regional bases: the Atakpame party was more represented among northern ethnic groups than among southern groups; the reverse was true of the UFC and Action Committee for Renewal Atakpame parties. Prostitutes Atakpame|Prostitutes in Atakpame. Girls from Ghana are exploited in sex trafficking in Togo.

The Atakpame sector provided for an estimated 22 percent of Atakpame employment. The children of convicted women were often incarcerated with their mothers, who were held separately from the male prisoners. Prostitution in Togo is legal [1] and commonplace. Sex trafficking , [3] child prostitution [4] and HIV [5] are problems in the country. However, the country has recently introduced some government codes, and has also started enforcing existing codes, such as a child code protecting the rights of children throughout the country, in order to help combat some of these problems.|Prostitution in Togo is illegal and punishable for up to 5 to 10 years.

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Most persons that security forces arrested or detained for trafficking ultimately were released for lack of evidence. A presidential decree prohibits sexual harassment and specifically targeted harassment of female students, although the authorities did not enforce the law. The Bar Association provides attorneys for the indigent.

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