Queensland to review state’s sexual consent laws

Queensland to review state’s sexual consent laws

Jump to navigation. Please note: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people should be aware that this website may contain images, voices or names of deceased persons in photographs, film, audio recordings or printed material. While the information may not reflect current understanding, it is provided in an historical context. The Mabo decision altered the foundation of land law in Australia by overturning the doctrine of terra nullius land belonging to no-one on which British claims to possession of Australia were based. This recognition inserted the legal doctrine of native title into Australian law. The judgments of the High Court in the Mabo case recognised the traditional rights of the Meriam people to their islands in the eastern Torres Strait.

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While most obeyed advice by the federal government urging people to stay home, Queensland police have issued fines to rule breakers. Despite the penalties, multitudes of residents remained undeterred from leaving the house. People on the Gold Coast in Queensland flock to the beaches on April 11 regardless of stay home directives issued by the government.

Today Queensland Law Society has welcomed the Attorney-General and in the Magistrates Court seeking an order for a date for a directions hearing, bail.

The Queensland Government currently has a number of online services that require a customer login. For extra security, some of these services will also need you to prove your ‘digital identity’. To prove your digital identity, an online document verification system will cross-check the personal information and reference numbers of ID documents that you provide. This will prove that your digital identity matches your real-world identity.

It is an important part of keeping your personal information safe and secure. The following are some of the most frequently asked questions about using a login and proving your digital identity to access Queensland Government services. Logging in lets you access an increasing range of Queensland Government services online and keep your transactions secure.

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This article was written during the Queensland response to the COVID pandemic and reflects the information available at the date of publication. If you were hoping to meet your soulmate, or just hoping to have a good time with someone sexy, in , the coronavirus COVID pandemic might have derailed your plans. Just like people planning large weddings and holidays, or anyone with a birthday this year, the hopes you had around spending time with other people will have had to change.

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This information sheet is intended to assist people who want to access their own medical records which may be held by a Queensland public hospital or other public health care facility. It does not apply to medical records held by a privately operated healthcare professional or facility such as your local medical centre, dentist, or a private hospital.

Private healthcare professionals and facilities are covered by the Commonwealth Privacy Act The OAIC can be contacted on or enquiries oaic. Each HHS is responsible for managing requests for access to the medical records they hold. Each HHS is made up of numerous hospitals, clinics and other facilities. Each HHS is an independent agency, so will have different procedures in place for access to medical records. For details, contact the HHS that holds your records or check their website.

If your medical records are held by more than one HHS, you will need to make separate access requests to each one. Many HHSs allow you to request administrative access to your medical records, for example by completing an administrative access form provided by the HHS.

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Community Legal Centres Queensland is the state based peak body representing Community Legal Centres (CLCs) in Queensland.

The word sodomy will also be replaced with anal intercourse in the Criminal Code to help reduce stigma [R1. On 17 June , the Government introduced the Health and Other Legislation Amendment Bill that if passed will amend the Criminal Code and standardise the age of consent for all sexual activity at 16 years and replace the discriminatory references to sodomy with anal intercourse [L1. Queensland law does not prevent lesbians from accessing IVF treatment and, whilst the anti-discrimination laws should protect against refusal of treatment, this has not proved to be the case [R1.

On 21 June , under plans flagged by the Queensland Government, gay couples and singles will be denied the right to have a child by surrogacy. Defacto couples in relationships of less than two years will also be denied surrogacy rights [R1. On 01 June , the Surrogacy Act came into effect, allowing altruistic surrogacy and overturning old laws that criminalised all forms of surrogacy. It is now possible to legally enter into altruistic surrogacy arrangements, and then have court orders made reflecting the parentage of the intended parents.

Lesbian couples can now be recognised on birth certificates as parents for the first time [R1. On 11 February , the Queensland Parliament voted to decriminalise altruistic surrogacy. Under the reforms, which extend to same-sex couples, legal parentage of a child born in surrogacy agreements will transfer from the birth mother to the parent or parents who commissioned the birth [R1. On 10 February , State Parliament debated a controversial Bill that would enable gay couples and single people to have a baby through altruistic surrogacy [R1.

On 11 November , deputy leader of the Opposition Party Lawrence Springborg, introduced a bill that would bar same-sex couples and single parents from access to surrogates within the state [R1. In May , the Queensland Parliament established an investigation into altruistic surrogacy, which is illegal in the state [R1.


While this may be the case for some relationships, it is not the case for all people and there is no automatic assumption that a court would order an equal division of your assets. In order to calculate what a person would be entitled to if they separated, the court follows a 4 step formula which involves firstly working out your assets and liabilities that are to be divided.

Second, assessing the financial and non-financial contributions that each person has made to the relationship. Third, considering if either party is in need of additional financial assistance in the future, and finally whether the overall division of the assets is just and equitable.

check that the date of birth confirms the person is over 18 years (some forms of ID can be issued to people under 18); and; identify the security.

Date marks give a guide to how long food can be kept before it begins to deteriorate or may become unsafe to eat. The two types of date marking are use by dates and best before dates. The food supplier is responsible for placing a use by or best before date on food. Foods that must be eaten before a certain time for health or safety reasons should be marked with a use by date. Most foods have a best before date. You can still eat foods for a while after the best before date as they should be safe but they may have lost some quality.

Foods that have a best before date can legally be sold after that date provided the food is fit for human consumption. The only food that can have a different date mark on it is bread, which can be labelled with a baked on or baked for date if its shelf life is less than seven days. Foods that have a shelf life of two years or longer, e. This is because it is difficult to give the consumer an accurate guide as to how long these foods will keep, as they may retain their quality for many years and are likely to be consumed well before they spoil.

If specific storage conditions are required in order for a product to keep until its best before or use by date, suppliers must include this information on the label, e. You should also follow any directions for use or cooking instructions that the supplier has put on the label.

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If you or someone you know, believe that you’ve been sexually assaulted, raped or harassed, it’s hard to know what to do. This video will take you through the next steps. Pic: istock. Under particular scrutiny will be a legal loophole that has reportedly allowed many rapists to walk free, according to the ABC. The defence has been used by accused rapists who claimed that what a woman wore or how she acted mistakenly led them to believe she had given consent.

Law made by courts, including sentencing decisions and decisions about how A parole order where the parole release date is fixed by the court for sentences.

All For further information please read on. The Administrative Appeals Tribunal has advised that they are taking steps to resume some in-person hearings at all AAT registries except for Melbourne. Practitioners are reminded that Practice Direction No 7. Of facilitates online applications for the listing of all criminal matters to the Magistrates Court by legal representatives.

The Administrative Appeal Tribunal has advised that fees payable for applications to the Tribunal will increase from 1 July Magistrates Court Practice Direction 7 of allows for either prosecutors or defence legal representatives to submit an electronically lodged form for any matters listed in the Magistrates Court seeking an order for a date for a directions hearing, bail application or sentence.

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